Oitenta is an independent design studio located in A Coruña devoted to creating special handcrafted objects for those seeking designer products which not only suit their needs, but also relate to their values and particular worldview.

Oitenta’s objects tell the story of a creation process and artisanal manufacture: the fusion of modern design and traditional craftsmanship. Concerned with ethical consumerism, with owning less but more special products, these objects develop a bond with the client by making them part of the creation process of their custom-made objects which are adapted to their needs and taste to make them feel like their own.

About me/

From a very young age I have always loved to pick up anything within reach and take it apart, or use it to create new gadgets. I would put icicle sticks together to create airscrews for planes whose wings I made out of an old kite’s fabric; or cut up soda cans which later became submarine hulls. I was always surrounded by scissors, tools and glue.

I studied at the Elisava School of Design in Barcelona, where I used to dream of one day creating iconic products such as those by famous designers like The Eames, Arne Jacobsen and Naoto Fukasawa.

In 2016, after several years gathering experience, and some failed attempts at launching my own products, I have decided to bet on myself and go back to basics: back to creating gadgets with my own two hands. And so I find myself again surrounded by scissors, tools and glue.

Ever since I have been working passionately and with full commitment for those who love designer products, collaborating with points of sale and other means that help me reach those clients looking for unique objects, and brands they can relate to which reflect their values and views on life.

I have always held that good design is that which combines functionality, aesthetics and emotion at its core. The fusion of all three elements produces consistent designer objects, and through this consistency beauty and a real connection with people are achieved.

My collection of objects intends to reflect these principles and my views on design and consumerism. I work for people who value originality and objects with their own story that go beyond being just things; objects which through their imperfections are unique and timeless.


Rafael Fernández Sánchez
Designer & Maker

Rafael Fernández Sánchez
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