Rafael Fernández Sánchez

Oitenta® is an independent product design and crafting studio

dedicated to create objects for modern people´s daily lifes. We are from A Coruña, a beautiful city in the Northwestern – Atlantic coast of Spain.

We design and craft modern, simple, functional and quality objects to solve life style situations with our own personal touch. Decorative and beautiful but mainly functional and useful objects for you and your home.

We are design lovers and we understand it as a method to solve everyday situations through creativity, following the principle that good design is the one that combines functionality, form and emotion.

“Objects are not just things”

We design and craft our objects with our own hands and with a lot of love and care because we want people who buy our objects to enjoy them for a long period of time.

We love working with all materials we can get access to. Materials like different kinds of wood, concrete, textiles, etc. We are continually learning and investigating new techniques, like steam bending wood, curving plywood, casting concrete or sewing. We also explore new materials and tools and we try to apply our discoveries to new objects and it´s the experience we gain crafting these products that helps us grow as designers a little bit every day.

We design, craft and market our objects directly

As an independent design studio, we design, craft and market our objects directly. We work with customers around the world, being now in more than 10 countries, offering them a personalized service and custom design possibilities.

We also collaborate with selected design and crafts shops and marketplaces, with presence both on-line and on physical stores.

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